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The Foolproof Formula for Growing Your Instagram to 10,000 Followers in 6 Months or Less.

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Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You’ve been stuck at the 400 follower mark for months. You’re posting daily, but your follower count often goes up for a few days, then goes back down again -- no matter what you do.

You see other people growing from 1,000 to 50,000 in a matter of months, and you just don’t get it. Comparing yourself to your competitors makes Instagram feel like one big inadequacy machine.

You have no idea what you’re doing with your feed, or have no clue what to post. You want to post awesome content but you never leave the house, sit around in yoga pants, and don’t have anything interesting to post about.

You still get excited every time your post gets over 100 likes. You’ve considered asking your mom, husband, brother, and BFF for “pity” likes in order to get you into the sweet and glorious land of triple digits.

You regularly post your photos (and everyone who sees it loves your work), but even your own wife doesn’t see your posts on Instagram. What’s the deal? Hashtags? The Algorithm? You have no clue.

You see crazy successful business owners like @anotherseattleartist posting when they have new products in their shop and selling out immediately. Meanwhile, you’re stuck trying to figure out how to get to the point where you’re actually making a profit.

I used to struggle with all of the above, but then...

I went from 0 to 120,000 total Instagram followers with my two accounts... in less than a year.

When I first started on Instagram as a complete beginner in early 2016, I was lost.

I started with no audience, no content, no income — and no clue — where to start.

(You might be in the same boat right now.)

I was determined to create a successful Instagram presence for my online business no matter how long it took.

After setting up my website, the first thing I did was open an Instagram account.

It didn't take long for me to start following gorgeous and wildly successful Instagram accounts with thousands of followers and who were making a killing while doing it.

I have to admit: I had more than a few fleeting moments of jealousy -- social media can be a big source of anxiety when you start comparing yourself to all the picture perfect images out there.

These accounts had thousands of adoring fans and customers, while I was struggling to gain 10 new followers in a week. I was determined to find out how they were doing it.

After months of struggle, hundreds of failed experiments, and basically making Instagram my full-time day job, I started to make some headway and see results. REAL results.

Thousands-of-new-followers-per-week RESULTS.

But at the start of 2016 I was EXACTLY where you are now... Completely STUCK and frustrated.

I went from "stuck-gaining-a-few-followers-then-losing-them-the-next-day" to becoming an Instagram powerhouse in a matter of months:

I began my Instagram by experimenting with new strategies on my first Instagram account @lobotany.

My first few months were slow, frustrating, time consuming, and contained a lot of trial and error.

I started by posting crappy garden photos that nobody liked... *facepalm*

But by watching what other successful Instagrammers were posting, I began figuring out what content worked and what didn't.

My growth began inching up slowly but steadily, and I managed to reach 10,000 followers in three months. This was pretty exciting, but I still WASN'T making any money.

After hitting 10K followers, I decided to turn my focus onto monetizing my Instagram by selling my own branded t-shirts to my followers.

By the four month mark, I had succeeded in doing this and established my first steady stream of passive income from Instagram!

Two months later I started my second Instagram account @gorattlethestars to test out the things I had learned on a new audience.

By the end of my first month, @gorattlethestars already had 2,000 followers.

After two months I had gained 8,000 followers on @gorattlethestars, and things were just starting to get rolling.

My growth kept accelerating, and by the end of month three I had amassed a following of 27,000 Instagram followers.

Four months in, I monetized my second Instagram account by selling online courses to my audience.

Here are my results ONE YEAR from starting my first Instagram account:

My Instagram follower counts:

Daily follower growth in the hundreds for @gorattlethestars:

Massive exposure & engagement:

Steady, sustained, rapid growth over long periods of time:

I was even able to build a passive income stream completely off of my Instagram traffic within 3 months.

Daily sales started rolling in with only occasional promotion to my Instagram audience.

Printful Product Sales:

WooCommerce Merchandise Sales:

Since then?

My two Instagram accounts have continued to grow, and as a results so has:

...my brand recognition & exposure

...my website traffic & pageviews

...my email subscribers list

...my profits!


You can grow your Instagram quickly and authentically WITHOUT spending all of your free time or using questionable methods. I achieved my results spending less than 30 minutes per day on Instagram.

What if I showed you a way to...

Build an effective Instagram strategy that grows your audience by hundreds per day, while taking up as little of your time as possible.

Create and curate content that grabs the attention of your audience and drives engagement through the roof.

Get REAL quantifiable results for all that hard work by turning those followers into raving fans and paying customers?


Instagram Launchpad

The Foolproof Formula for Growing Your Instagram to 10,000 Followers in 6 Months or Less


With Instagram Launchpad, you'll learn the RIGHT way to use Instagram to grow your business.

In the course, everything is laid out in a step-by-step manner so you'll know exactly what to do in order to see results.

You’ll use my time-tested strategies to:

Rapidly grow a large Instagram following.

Boost your exposure and brand recognition with hashtags.

Gain opportunities to get paid for collaborations, sponsorships & more.

Send more traffic to your blog or shop.

Start making sales & profits from your Instagram account!

Are you ready to get started?

Instagram Launchpad was created especially for:

Bloggers and Personal Brands

Including lifestyle bloggers, social media influencers, aspiring public figures.

Boost your traffic to your blog

• Become an IG influencers and get free products & travel opportunities by working with brands

Get paid to post about other brands and products on your own Instagram

Creative Entrepreneurs

Including wedding professionals, photographers, and designers.

Connect with your audience and book clients who already love what you do

Grow your email list with tons of new potential clients

Get featured by big influencers to skyrocket your exposure

Crafters, Artists, and Online Shop Owners

Including Etsy store owners, handmade artisans, e-commerce shop owners, brick-and mortar business owners.

• Target the EXACT audience who absolutely must get their hands on your next product

• Create a steady stream of income by promoting your own products on Instagram

Gain brand recognition and build up a loyal fan-base of enthusiastic followers who promote you to all their friends

What You'll Get


Here's What You'll Learn


• You’ll learn how to create a professional looking profile that targets and attracts the right kinds of followers.

• You’ll learn the 5 most important things to include in your profile, including bio, headline, and link.

• You’ll learn how to create a beautiful, cohesive Instagram feed that your followers love.

• You’ll learn about the different types of content, and what to do if you can’t create enough content on your own.


• You’ll learn when and how often to post for best results.

• You’ll learn why a ‘Call to Action’ is so effective, and how to write them for maximum engagement.

• You’ll learn the best hashtag strategy that will attract your ideal audience to your account and get them to follow you.

• You’ll learn basic growth strategies to help you go from 0 to your first 1k.


• You’ll learn how to steal your competitors’ followers by enticing them to follow you too.

• You’ll learn how to find and connect with influencers in your niche, and grow your account with S4S and paid shoutouts.

• You’ll learn how to harness the Instagram algorithm to get your content going viral via the Explore Page - and see explosive growth!


• The best analytics apps to use to track your growth and progress, and what parameters you should be keeping track of.

• The top scheduling apps so you can plan your feed out in advance and optimize your time.


• You will learn 6 ways to monetize your Instagram account (even if you don't have a product).

• You will learn how to use opt-ins and freebies to pique the interest of your followers and get them on your mailing list.

• You will learn how to start building your email list (and why an email list is one of your greatest assets).

• You’ll learn how to funnel your followers onto other platforms like your shop or website to turn them into paying customers.


Plus: You Like Bonuses, Right?


In this bonus guide you’ll discover all 22 tools I recommend to help you kick ass on Instagram:

  • The best apps for creating & editing content
  • What tools I recommend for scheduling & automation
  • Tools to help you make more sales & grow your email list with Instagram

This guide covers all the tools I’ve used in growing my own Instagram accounts to 90k and 45k.


Hashtags are an integral part of any successful Instagram strategy, but they can be a pain to keep track of. Get my Instagram Hashtag Tracking Sheets so you can write down and keep track of all the best hashtags that work specifically for your account. Copy and paste hashtags from your tracking sheet every time you post to save loads of time.


In this bonus lesson, you'll learn the key factors that give an Instagram post the potential to go viral. We're talking posts that gain thousands of likes and comments, and a subsequent burst in follower growth for your account. And it's not just luck -- there's a method to the madness and you'll learn how to create & curate viral content for your own Instagram account.


Instagram is constantly changing — it seems like there are new features and algorithm changes every few months.

I'll add new updates to the course whenever they're needed, addressing any new changes and adding new strategies as I test them out. You'll have access to them all.


This Course is PACKED With Value:

  • 19+ Video Lessons & Step-by-Step Tutorials [$1500 value]
  • The most useful Cheat Sheets, Spreadsheets, & Summaries to keep you on track [$500 value]
  • All the bonus content to take your Instagram game to the next level [$644 value]
  • Lifetime Access & Updates [Priceless]

TOTAL VALUE = $2,644


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You Have Two Choices...

You could do Instagram the hard way...

...by figuring it all out on your own. It is completely doable — but it personally took me 6 months to learn everything taught in this course.


You could do Instagram the easy way...

...and get instant access to all my strategies to start seeing improvements right away.

In this Instagram course I walk you through every step you need to take in order to achieve your Instagram growth and profit goals — faster than you could on your own.

Your Instructor

Brie Kirbyson
Brie Kirbyson

Hey there! I'm Brie.

I help creative business owners create a solid social media strategy so they can reach their target audience – and get real results.

My claim to Instagram fame?

I've grown TWO accounts from 0 to a combined 100,000 followers in under a year, and successfully monetized both businesses.

With my account @gorattlethestars I was able to reach over 70,000 followers in only 6 months.

But forget about me -- let's grow your Instagram together!

Instagram Launchpad is For You If...

You want to grow a large following on Instagram, to support your blog or business. If you want to build more social reach, become an influencer, or establish your brand, then this course will help you get there, no matter your starting point.

You're tired of growing slowly - you want to see EXPLOSIVE results! You want to spend your efforts on the strategies and methods that will get you the best results for the time spent.

You want to use Instagram to boost PROFITS for your creative business. You’d love to launch an e-course, sell your services, or create your own products to sell to your Instagram audience.

Instagram Launchpad is Not For You If...

You’re just Instagramming for fun, and don’t have any interest in growing a large or profitable following.

You're not willing to get serious and make changes to what you're already doing. I teach proven strategies that work to grow your account, and you need to be willing to try them in order to succeed.

You're not willing to put time and effort into what you learn. These strategies only work if you do, and you have to do them consistently--doing something once or twice isn't going to give you results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course delivered?
The course consists of several video lessons, supplemented by summary transcripts, worksheets, cheat sheets, and spreadsheet templates. You gain full access to all course content within our school once you've registered. Support and questions are addressed via email -- you'll have direct access to me for any problems or questions you may have.
How long will it take for me to see results?
In order to go through the course content and start implementing the strategies you learn, I would estimate it to take you 1-2 weeks to get everything set up. Consistency is key with Instagram, so if you're putting my methods into action on the daily, you should start seeing results in about 3-4 weeks!
Can't I just find this information on the web for free?
Most of the information about Instagram I find on the internet is either outdated, incomplete, or both. Plus I know from experience that it is incredibly frustrating trying to piece together methods and strategies you found from different sources. You'll save yourself hundreds of hours by enrolling in this course, because the methods I teach all work together to form an effective, cohesive, and COMPLETE Instagram strategy. I created this course because it is EXACTLY what I needed when I first started out.
Is this course really worth the price?
Well, let's consider what your options are to grow your blog or business online. The most popular options for doing so are Google SEO and Facebook ads. Though free and very effective, Google SEO takes FOREVER to learn and implement. You'll be waiting months to see results, if ever. Facebook ads are tricky to implement -- and you'll be spending money to achieve results, even in the beginning while you're still figuring things out. Most people end up wasting a LOT of money on Facebook ads before they get the hang of them, and you'll be stuck in the loop of spending money to make money. With Instagram and this course, you'll be able to attract a super TARGETED audience to your business -- and you'll do for FREE. Hard to beat that.
How long will I have access to this course?
Though the course is meant to be consumed over several weeks, it is completely self-paced - you decide when you start and when you finish. You get LIFETIME access to all course material, as long as the course is in existence. This includes all futures updates. This is important because social media is a rapidly changing landscape, and what methods work today may not be viable tomorrow. I want to help you stay on top of Instagram with the best strategies, no matter how many changes Instagram makes.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes! To help lessen the load of your investment, you can select to pay in several monthly payments instead of all at once.
What is your refund policy?
We have a 30 day refund policy in place. If you've made an honest effort to go through the course, watched the videos, filled out the worksheets, and didn't see results, you can send me an email within 30 days of purchase to request a refund. As long as you provide evidence that you've done the work and it didn't get results for you I'd be happy to issue you a full refund. We do NOT offer refunds if you simply changed your mind or already know all of the content. There is ample description of the course content on this page and it is up to you to determine whether the course will be of benefit to you.

So what are you waiting for?

If you're ready to grow your following, build a loyal audience, and start making sales with Instagram — then Instagram Launchpad is the course for you.

Get started now!